Fat Dissolve Injections



Those annoying small pockets of fat under your chin, around your thighs, on your tummy or under your bra strap can now be reduced without surgery –  thanks to revolutionary fat-dissolving injections.


AQUALYX injections break down fat in a controlled way, so your body can safely remove it through its lymphatic system. This simple and effective procedure shrinks double chins as well as improving the definition of the jawline. The treatment contracts the skin in order to achieve a more streamlined, youthful appearance.

AQUALYX typically requires a course of two to four treatments with four to six-week intervals between each session. Although the procedure doesn’t hurt, you should expect some swelling which can take up to three weeks to subside. Although the fat doesn’t come back, AQUALYX should only be used as a supplement to a healthy lifestyle, and is only intended for dealing with small pockets of fat rather than for providing a complete weight loss solution. Unlike liposuction, AQUALYX normally leads to a degree of skin contraction too, so you’re less likely to end up with loose skin around the areas which have been treated.

What is AQUALYX?

Some products, such as Lipodissolve, contain phosphatidylcholine and deoxycholic acid; however, studies have demonstrated that phosphatidylcholine injections for fat loss are ineffective and it is the deoxycholic acid part which gives the result.

How does it work?

When injected into fatty tissue, it disrupts the membrane of fat cells, leading to cell breakdown. There’s also an inflammatory response and some tissue contraction.

Can this treatment be used on men?

Yes, many men have fat-dissolving injections to improve their neck contour and jawline, or to deal with small pockets of abdominal fat for example.

Why is it used?

There are few ways to solve the problem of small pockets of fat. The presence of fat is regarded as a sign of ageing in the lower face. Even with weight loss and exercise, some people cannot achieve the jawline they desire due to hereditary reasons, and with age, this fat compartment becomes fuller. Plain liposuction in the area will remove the fat, but does not give significant tightening to the tissues, and there can be a concern of seeing the platysma muscle bands through the skin following treatment. Fat dissolving injections are an easy, non-invasive way to decrease this fat, while tightening the skin. This treatment does not change facial movement in any way.

What area of the face or body can be treated?


The area of fat underneath the chin (otherwise known as the submental fat) is the most common area to treat, as it’s a troubling area with few other options for treatment. Other common areas would be the bra fat or small pockets of fat anywhere on the body: abdomen, below the buttocks, inner and outer thighs, hips, and upper arms. It can even be used on lipomas.

Is there anything that can’t be treated?

This treatment is not intended for weight loss. It is for people with localised pockets of fat which are not responsive to diet or exercise. It is intended to improve and alter the contour of the body. It is important that the area treated has a good blood supply, and it’s not suitable for those who have large overhangs of tissue. Ideally, areas treated would be no larger than the palm of the hand

How should I get ready for the procedure?

Make sure you’ve allowed for enough downtime after the procedure. If you’re having the neck treated, you may wish to bring a scarf with you. Be aware that, for the best results, more than one treatment might be necessary.

How can I avoid bruising?

If you’re prone to bruising, you may wish to use arnica or bromelain. Swelling is going to occur, so please be prepared for this.

Does it hurt?

Not especially, because the fluid is mixed with local anaesthesia, so the area is numbed. Most people report afterwards that the area looks sore; however, the vast majority of people do not report any pain.

When does it start to work?

The treatment begins to work immediately. However, there is a lot of swelling for the first week or so (it looks very swollen like a bullfrog for about a week or so). Some people report that their swelling does not completely disappear for four to six weeks post treatment. This is all part of the process, and is to be anticipated. There is no way to speed up this process, and in fact this inflammation helps to give the best results, by causing tissue contraction.

Can I have this treatment whilst pregnant or breastfeeding?

This treatment is not approved for use during pregnancy or whilst breastfeeding.

How often can I have AQUALYX?

It is better to wait until any swelling is completely gone between your AQUALYX appointments. This usually takes around 6 weeks to completely go.

What happens when it wears off?

Fat reduction is permanent, for the fat cells are destroyed; they don’t come back. Of course, if more weight is gained, then the fatty appearance will return, but in proportion with the new shape gained.

How old should I be to have AQUALYX?

For any non-surgical procedure you should be at least 18. We also ensure you’ve considered whether this treatment is for you.

What can go wrong?

Complications with this treatment are very rare but can include bruising, pain and itching, as well as inflammatory issues.


1. Pregnant and breast feeding woman.
2. Auto-Immune diseases.
3. Serious systemic diseases “kidney , hepatic failure”.
4. Acute or chronic pathologies in the skin of treated area. 5. Positive history to anaphylactic reaction.

Anything else I need to know?

Please note that you are paying for the treatment only and no guarantee is made of any outcome. Refunds cannot be given under any circumstances, as the product has been used and the service has been delivered.

How do I book ?

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