Your Aftercare for Fibroblast Treatment

You had Fibroblast Plasma Skin Tightening treatment today. Please read your aftercare advice carefully and feel free to contact me if you have any questions. Please remember it takes at least 8 weeks to see final result.

After dots shed, the skin may appear healed, but that is just the beginning as the skin underneath does its work. It takes 4 weeks for collagen and elastin production to BEGIN! Be patient! Always keep the area clean to avoid infections until the carbon crusts (scabs) have formed and exfoliated on their own. Removing the scabs prematurely will result in scarring!

First 24hr might be very uncomfortable. Ice the treated area (use a clean tea towel/paper towel to cover the ice pack each use) alternating 10 minutes on and 10 minutes off for up to 1 hour for the first 2 days. Keep it DRY!

24hr-48hrs after your session please keep your treated area as dry as possible. After first 24hr-48hrs gently apply the aftercare gel (with clean hands or applicator provided) to the treated area as needed to help relieve pain/itching each day until your scabs fall off on their own. We recommend Colloidal Silver Gel.

Do not apply makeup (even mineral makeup) until the scabbing is complete. This is to avoid infection or disrupting the scabs prematurely.

IMPORTANT! Allow scabs to come off on their own. This will ensure the best possible healed result and avoid scarring and infection. Do NOT pick for any reason!

IMPORTANT! Avoid sun exposure and tanning beds to the treated area!! Once the scabbing process is complete, always apply zinc oxide mineral SUN CREAM to the area for a minimum of 3 months after your last treatment. This skin is still healing and can easily become damaged by any UV rays and may cause hyperpigmentation and/or premature aging.

Do not workout, swim, hot tub or steam bath until scabs have exfoliated. BE PATIENT WITH THE HEALING PROCESS AND ALLOW YOURSELF TIME TO REST & HEAL

**Swelling is to be expected after this type of treatment. This is due to the fact that the area will be recovering from a deliberate controlled wound, therefore the natural side effect is swelling. There are steps to minimize swelling (ice and antihistamine), but swelling cannot be avoided. You can’t avoid or cure the swelling- it is a response to trauma. The swelling will subside in a matter of days.

*** After crust come off ( this can take from 7 to up to 20 days) keep your skin moisturized and well hydrated. Moisturizer with Vit E or hyaluronic acid is recommended. In about 6 /8 weeks after your procedure you can use Vit C and other nutrient rich creams.

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